Employing a company with diagnostic capability can be a costly process with high call out and diagnosis fees. At Bowline we break the mould and offer this service at a reasonable price making it accessible for the whole industry. 

Our standard code read and history check is £60 + vat.

Any addition time taken using the diagnostic equipment is charged at our standard labour rate of £55 + vat per hour. £45 + vat per hour for commercial customers and sailing clubs.

Advanced Marine Diagnostics 


As a Texa diagnostic specialist we have the equipment to plug into and diagnose nearly all marine engines that have an ECU. Marine engines are as complicated and advances as automotive engines so we have made sure we stay ahead with the latest, state of the art diagnostic software.

Ashore or afloat we can come to you with our equipment and make the steps to getting you back up and running.

What can it do?

-Read engine hours and history 

-Read and clear error codes 

-Program many components including injectors 

-Run activations to test engine components safely

-View live data to aid the diagnostic process.


Advanced Pre-purchase Health Check

We currently offer a pre-purchase engine health checks For £120 inc. vat.

If the engine you are purchasing has diagnostic capability why not upgrade to an advanced check which includes a diagnostic code read and engine history. 

All for £160 inc. vat.