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As a Texa diagnostic specialist we have the equipment to plug into and diagnose nearly all marine engines that have an ECU. Marine engines are as complicated and advances as automotive engines so we have made sure we stay ahead with the latest, state of the art diagnostic software.

A marine engine that is running poorly is more likely to emit an increased amount of harmful gases into our atmosphere. Using the lasted in diagnostic technology we can connect to your engine and see whether it is running correctly and as clean as possible.


Ashore or afloat we can come to you with our equipment and make the steps to getting you back up and running. 

What can it do?

-Read engine hours and history 

-Read and clear error codes 

-Program many components including injectors 

-Run activations to test engine components safely

-View live data to aid the diagnostic process.

how much do it Cost?

When visiting a main dealer, the cost for plugging in diagnostic equipment can be incredibly expensive. This may deter boat owners from keeping a close eye on how their engine is performing. 

At Bowline, to stay true to our ethos, we offer a Basic Diagnostic Report for an affordable price. We hope this will encourage owners to make this part of their annual maintenance, making steps to a cleaner marine environment.



prices starting from £75.00
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Please note all prices are based on average install times and the products listed, prices for each job may vary slightly. It is company policy to supply only the best quality products to give our customers the best possible experience.