BIO Marine 3, 2 Stroke Bio Outboard Marine Oil

BIO Marine 3, 2 Stroke Bio Outboard Marine Oil

BIO Marine 3 1L Bio Outboard Marine Oil: NMMA TCW-3


Rock Oil has developed an ester based fluid, Bio Marine 3, which offers outstanding engine performance and bio-degradation characteristics. It is certified TC-W3 and also has passed the strongest chainsaw lubrication tests, demonstrating its high performance capabilities.

The excellent lubricating characteristics and load carrying capacity of Bio Marine 3 ensure that users of 2 stroke outboard engines achieve the maximum possible engine life. It has excellent lubricating and wear prevention capabilities, ensuring extended engine life. The sophisticated additive system coupled with the advanced synthetic base stocks ensure outstanding engine cleanliness, reduced visisble emissions and an unrivalled prevention of plug fouling, ring sticking and port blocking. This maximises engine performance over the service intervals. Bio Marine 3 offers an ecologically friendly high performance "clean" engine.





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